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by | Dec 30, 2022

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{NOTE: This is an archived version of my Creativity Newsletter from 30.12.22.

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A perfect-for-you New Year Tip…

Are you ready to say goodbye to 2022 and hello to the promise and potential of a shiny new year?

The turning of another year is such a special time, and there are many suggestions about how to make the most of this potent transitional period.

But which approach, tip or advice it right for you?

Recommendations abound at this time of year, and you probably resonate with some more than others, while some may be ideal one year but not the next.

So to inspire you with a Serena-perfect approach for your New Year envisioning, I’ve created a Bespoke New Year Tip Tool that you can access here:

Trust the magic

If you are open to life’s magic…

If you enjoy my tips and ideas…

If you’d like to strengthen your intuition and connection to your creative mind…

…this 2-second tool will deliver the perfect New Year tip for you.

I hope you’ll play! 🥂

Or if you’d prefer to browse the collection of New Year-themed posts and coaching tips I’ve shared over the years, you can find a short guide to those here…

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The perfect time for these powerful principles

These ideas for New Year envisioning are so powerful that I use and recommend many of them all year round.

But this New Year period is perhaps the ultimate time to embrace these simple principles, as you spend some quality time with the dreams and goals that matter to you.

I hope these tips and tools inspire you to devote 2023 to the creative joys that are calling you.

Because that way, magic lies… ✨

Wishing you a fabulous New Year period and a healthy, wealthy, happy year ahead,


PS This theme of empowered envisioning is the foundation of my virtual End-Of-Year / New Year retreat which guides you through a step-by-step process to harness the magic of this potent period.

It’s a small but powerful collection of ancient techniques and proven tools for success and happiness – more details here, if this calls to your Inner Visionary. 🌟

“In our perfect ways.
In the ways we are beautiful.
In the ways we are human.
We are here.
Happy New Year’s.
Let’s make it ours.”



Success & happiness tips for New Year envisioning…

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Designed for creatives

(Because we have different values to many mainstream New Year recommendations…) 

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Designed for creatives.

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