A Mindset Mantra for Creativity & Success

by | Jan 16, 2024

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{NOTE: This is an archived version of my Creativity Newsletter from 16.1.24

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My new favourite mantra for creativity and success

In the spirit of New Year, New Start, I’ve been doing a major review of my platforms and offerings, as well as a few new-look branding tweaks – did you notice?! 

I’ll be revealing more about some upcoming changes soon, but in the meantime I’d love to share with you a simple success tip that’s a culmination of many years of study into the mysterious X Factor of success. 

It’s a powerful 3-word mantra that has been working like magic for me in recent months, ever since I started to understand the mechanics behind these words. 

And I’ve just updated my blog post with my latest insights on this potent mindset shift, which has the potential to change the way you approach your goals and dreams this year. 

I truly feel this could be the missing piece for so many creative endeavours and how easily they come to life. 🧩

So if you’d like to discover my time-tested New Year Tip and learn how to become a self-fulfilling prophecy of success in 2024, you can read the full story here:

Highly, highly recommended! 

And I would LOVE to hear what you’re planning to create or develop in the year ahead. 

Sharing your dreams and goals can be a powerful first step towards them, so please feel free to tell me all about the creative adventures you have in mind. 

And I’ll be back later in the week with another gift to help you enjoy more power, peace and progress in your life and work. 💝

Wishing you an inspired and happy week,  


PS Did you know that you can browse my entire collection of New Year Planning resources

So, if you’d like to access all my top tips for making the most of this potent period, I hope you’ll take a look. 

Or if you’d like to hone your intuition and let life guide you, this Bespoke Tip Tool will make your selection for you!

Then it’s over to you to take that insight and make it your own in 2024. 🌟

I’ll be rooting for you! 

“It doesn’t matter where you’ve been,
it only matters where you’re going.

Go ahead and go there.”



Success & happiness tips for New Year envisioning…

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Designed for creatives

(Because we have different values to many mainstream New Year recommendations…) 

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Designed for creatives.

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