It’s back! The Art of Conscious Cocreation

by | Nov 11, 2023

Are you ready for some new adventures in manifesting…?! 🤩

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{NOTE: This is an archived version of my Creativity Newsletter from 10.11.23

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I hope you’ve had a happy and creative week.

Today I have exciting news! 🤩

If you’re interested in the ultimate creative process – ie the masterpiece that is your life – I’ve got something for you that’s been a full year in the making…


Flashback to October 2022…

Just over a year ago, I embarked on a project exploring the fine art of manifesting, or what I call Conscious Cocreation. 💫

This project arrived in my world in spectacular fashion and was possibly my fastest-ever creation – from idea to serving clients within 36 hours!

Although the original programme came about so quickly, I soon learned that this topic – the metaphysics of creativity – had the potential for a lifetime of study.

Cut to a year later and after lots more studying, tracking, and testing, I feel I’ve unleashed a new layer of understanding with this work.

From the early feedback from last year’s Beta Testers, to my own results and discoveries, I have a wealth of new insights to share. 🎁

Though I’m still fascinated by the work-in-progress process of manifesting our desires, and I still have some questions, I also have many new answers.

Valuable, practical and accessible insights such as…

✨ How to feel good in the ‘void’ – the in-between stage (before manifestations arrive)

✨ How to navigate the inevitable doubts and fears

✨ How to respond to the various emotional ebbs and flows (discovering this has been a game-changer for reducing anxiety)

✨ How to handle the natural human fear of disappointment

✨ How to manifest the ultimate goal – what’s really driving your efforts

✨ How to align more with life’s natural tendencies to bring our blessings to us, so there’s less need to push and force

✨ Plus (and this was HUGE!): The single thing that blocks our manifestations – and ways to clear it

✨ And, of course: How to enjoy the journey!

Perhaps to celebrate these new insights and my Next Level understanding of this work, I recently got the unmistakable nudge to reopen the Beta Tester option for my Manifestation Coaching programme…


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A Blueprint for Cocreation & Manifesting


From Beta Tester to Manifester

So, if you’re also fascinated by how the creative forces of life work – in reality rather than in theory – or you’re new to this topic and want to fast-track your results, I’d love to share more about what this very special programme can offer you.

And if you’d like to discover the benefits of joining in the Beta Tester fun, I’ve outlined 13 Good Reasons why you might love it. 😍 

So, I hope I’ve piqued your curiosity with this exciting new edition!

Because mastering these practices and understanding these principles has not only made life feel even more like a fun game, it’s also resulted in one of my most prolific, creative, and confident years.

And I’d love to see you enjoy even better results. 💖

Wishing you a wonderful week of your favourite things,


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PS If you like to see how projects come to life, or you just love the behind-the-scenes of a fellow creative’s process, I share the story of this programme’s (rapid!) arrival in the world in this blog post:

Designing an online course in 36 hours


“Go, create, do what is yours to do in the world.”

~ Bethany Auriel Hagan


What happens when you combine a lifelong obsession with creativity with decades of cocreation studies?

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A new formula for manifestation.

Designed for creatives.

Mastering the Art of Creative Manifestation

How somehow postcard copy
designing online courses from idea to launch to sale in 36 hours danielle raine creativity coach

The story & timeline of my fastest-ever creation.

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Designed for creatives.

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