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by | Feb 22, 2024

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{NOTE: This is an archived version of my Creativity Newsletter from 21.2.24

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A creative energy boost

Today I have the perfect quick share if you could use a boost to your energy or creativity levels.

How would you like to restore flagging spirits with a wellness-boosting and highly productive nap?

Welcome to the world of Creative Napping. 😴

This simple technique is one of my all-time favourite productivity tools – I recommend it often to clients and they’re delighted by their results. 

If you like the thought of curling up for a snooze AND making progress with your work, I’ve created a helpful guide to this wonderful practice in my latest post for Brainz Magazine:

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The 5-steps of Creative Napping

You’ll also learn the 5-step process to turn unproductive downtime into an inspired and energising Creative Nap. 🌟

I hope you enjoy this short guide, because this kind of wellness-based success practice can become a powerful go-to in your creative toolkit.

And if you know a fellow creative who could use this kind of boost, please share the link with them – and thank you for helping to create a world of rested and inspired creatives, tapping into their genius while they sleep… 

Happy napping!

And I’d love to hear how it works for you. 😊


PS This technique is just one of many wellness-based, holistic methods that I’ve studied and tested over the years.

Because my mission is not just to boost your creativity and success, but to do it in a way that supports your most valuable asset – you. 💖

Creative living that is energising, enjoyable, and sustainable.

There’s more about my commitment to holistic wellbeing here, where you’ll also discover my soul-soothing Three Temples framework. 

(If you have a vision for all aspects of your life working in harmony, you’ll LOVE this philosophy.) 

And if this healthy-happy approach is your kind of success track, I created Hello Flow to guide you through the 11 life-tweaks I’ve found to be the most transformative. 

It’s my favourite treasury of simple, feel-good practices that create surprisingly powerful shifts and an upward spiral of positive effects. 😍

More details below…

When the resistance is gone, the blocks are history, and the upward spiral is your future.



Goodbye resistance, hello flow…

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11 simple weekly practices that will transform your life, from the inside out.

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