Gratitude, gifts, & a Friday of many colours

by | Nov 24, 2023

 A creative twist on the ultimate shopping experience… 🛍

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{NOTE: This is an archived version of my Creativity Newsletter from 24.11.23

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Happy Gratitude Weekend!

Are you enjoying/enduring/embracing the seasonal offer-fest?

Given my speciality, I always like to get creative with this annual event, and so today I have something new for you…


Introducing: The Win-Win Personal Shopping Experience! 🛍

As I was planning this email, I was full of ideas for inspiring you to invest in your creativity during the busiest shopping weekend of the year…

💞 2-for-1 offers…

💝 Bonus Coaching Sessions…

💫 Complimentary Starter Kits

🎁 Free Trials…

🥂 VIP Upgrades...

But during my mid-day meditation, I got the unmistakable nudge to invite you to design your own. 🎨

Which makes perfect sense, because as one of my favourite role models says; 

“Everyone is a designer.”

~ Naomi Cleaver

(Especially the creative souls in my audience… 🌟)

So, would you like to design your own {{firstname}}-perfect offer for upgrading your creative life?

Here’s how to do it: 

1. If any of my offerings this year have sparked your interest, reply to this email to tell me which one(s) – and why.

(This in itself is a gift of attention for your creative spirit. ✨)

2.  I’ll get back to you with a personalised Special Offer – designed just for you.



And fun!

You get only the offers you’re interested in.

I get to learn more about my lovely subscribers. 😍

It feels like a creative and happy win-win.

Plus, you get to help yourself to an exciting creative upgrade, designed just for you. 🛍

This is particularly perfect if you’ve bought my courses or coaching packages in the past – because you’ll get a lovely Loyalty Bonus rolled into your special offer. 

If you’d like a refresher of all the colourful offerings I have available, you can browse my courses, coaching, and All Access options below.

Or if you’d like my recommendation, just let me know where you feel stuck and I’ll share some bespoke suggestions.

Personal Shopper style. 🥂

So, if you’d like to play – and discover your tailor-made gifts or freebies – I can’t wait to hear from you.

Wishing you a weekend of goodies and gratitude,


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PS In the spirit of the season, I’d also like to show my appreciation for your support during the year.

I am so grateful to get to share my work with you, and your time and attention is something I truly value.

And to show my gratitude, all offers this weekend will also include an extra little something from me to say Thank You. 💝


Just lean towards joy and you will be led.



Current options for a full-colour creative life…

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A Shopping Spree for your Creative Spirit 🛍

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Explore my newly revamped Offerings Suite 🤩

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Imagine All-Inclusive Creative Support… 🥂

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Designed for creatives.

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