Lessons from a Leap of Faith (+ Exciting news!)

by | Sep 22, 2023

An unexpected and inspiring lesson from my latest leap of faith, plus some hard-won insights on baby steps, courage and the role of discernment…

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A season of change…

In celebration of this seasonal equinox, I have a couple of change-themed questions for you. 

Have you ever been tempted to take a Leap of Faith? 

Have you ever felt it might be time to stretch your Comfort Zone? 

The prevailing wisdom is that we should regularly leap with abandon from the safety and comfort of what we know, in order to grow and evolve. 

What’s less prevalent is guidance on precisely how to navigate the fears and resistance and worries that hold us back. 

In my role as your Creative Life Experimenter, I’ve been dabbling with this idea of faith-leaping and Comfort Zone-stretching. 

And today I have some exciting news along with an interesting result from my latest adventures in the creative trenches…


Comfort Zones & Leaps of Faith

A little while, I wrote about the good ways and not-so-good ways (🙈!) that we can go beyond our Comfort Zones, because there are different ways to do it.

There are the scary, stressful, too-much-too-soon ways that can sometimes do more harm than good. (I speak from experience.)

And there are ways to do it that are still beneficial yet gentler on our precious nervous systems. (Who knew?!)

If you’d like some guidance on how to choose the right way for you, I shared my uncomfortable lessons over on the blog:

And today I have a more recent example of taking a Leap of Faith, this one featuring a much more enjoyable experience.

You may know that I’ve been feeling called to step beyond the safe confines of my beloved blog and venture into the world of online publications. 

I started with a baby step towards this mission with a quirky idea for Elephant Journal. 🐘

And this month I took a much bigger leap into Unchartered Territory when I applied to be an Executive Contributor for the epic Brainz Magazine. 

Happily, that particular Leap of Faith is now reaping dividends as my first post was published this week – making me feel nervous and excited in equal measure!  

You can catch my latest online adventure here, if you’re curious to see what Beyond My Comfort Zone looks like for me:

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Lessons from Faith-Leaping

While it’s exciting to bring you my latest news, here’s the real gem from this experience that I most want to share with you:

Perhaps the greatest result of a Leap of Faith in the upgrade to our identity.

While I’m looking forward to the ripple effects of my new media efforts, what was interesting is that the moment I committed to this new venture, I began to view myself and my work a little differently.

Something shifted. 💫

I started asking myself better questions, planning from a higher perspective.

It felt like a Self-Image Upgrade, as though I’d stepped into a new version of me, the Next Level vision I’d been working towards.

Ever since I read Maxwell Maltz’s Psycho-cybernetics in 2008, I’ve been fascinated by how powerfully our self-image or identity controls our behaviours and actions.

It’s a subtle and invisible force but it can influence everything we do and say – or don’t.

So, I’m looking forward to seeing how this newly upgraded identity plays out for me – I’ll keep you posted!

And I hope my brave baby steps inspire you to consider any Leaps of Faith that have been calling you.

Can you imagine how you might feel differently about yourself if you go for it? 🤩

And is that new version of you the kind of person you want to be?

I’ll admit, it can be scary!

It’s why I created this collection to make it feel a little less daunting.

But it can also be exciting – to stretch, to grow, to evolve into our next levels.

To take that step or make that leap.

Again, I advise discernment, rather than blindly jumping into something that doesn’t feel right.

But I also recommend regularly exploring the edges of your Comfort Zone, to see if they’ll give, just a little…

So, here’s to the right kind of Leaps of Faith and the exciting uplevelled identities on the other side. 🌟

And if you decide to go for yours, I’d LOVE to hear all about it!

Wishing you a fabulous weekend of your favourite adventures,


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PS This weekend, to celebrate my latest venture and taking my advocacy for Email Coaching to new heights, I’m adding my Beginner’s Guide into my new season September celebrations. 

So, if you’re curious about the freedom-(and introvert)-friendly coaching format that I love so much, you can discover in 5 days what took me a decade to learn. 

There are more details about the course here: How to offer Email Coaching: A Beginner’s Guide

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PPS The lovely staff at Brainz Magazine have requested that I invite my fabulous audience to share my new article. 

So, if you feel called to help me inspire and liberate more aspiring Email Coaches, you can find share-links for your favourite online places at the end of the post

And thank you for supporting my mission! 🙏🏻

“There is freedom waiting for you, 

On the breezes of the sky,

And you ask, What if I fall?

Oh but my darling, 

What if you fly?”


My first post for Brainz Magazine…

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Email Coaching;

Could This Be Your New Freedom-Friendly Income Stream?

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